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Very bad things! *keep it clean!*

Well as you may have guessed by the title this thread is about the crappy, bad, or mundane things that happened to you. Blantantly ripped off of Darth Groovys' thread!

I've just had my first car accident! By myself! The speed limit on the highway was 65mph, I getting off at an exit and had slowed the truck down to 45mph and shifted out of 4th gear into neutral. One foot one the clutch and one on the break and I guess I got onto the shoulder and hit loose gravel. I fish-tailed right and then left and then right again. I had the clutch all the way in and the brakes were almost to the floor. I had turned the opposite way of all the fish-tails and got the truck straight, but not the way I wanted to be. I hit a guard rail head-on at 45mph! My shoulder hurts real bad from the seat belt. I called my brother and told him what I had done to his truck. He wasn't too happy to hear it. The only damage to the truck was the bumper was pushed in a little, the grill was a little cracked, and the liscense plate is smashed up.

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