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"Lord Tepe, I must express my gratitude on your well done job of keeping the Sith Dominion back. We feel that this war should be negotiated into a peace, but what can you do if the enemy does not wish to speak?" a holographic image of a well built and elegantly clothed man said. The old mechno-chair that produced the hologram walked with the Lord as he walked throught the corridors of the LiMerge Power Building, or Dominion Embassy as it was now known. The window next to him showed the great outdoors of the very well cleaned up Works. Tepe stopped and turned to the mechno-chair, nodding slightly.
"Thank you, Emperor Fel, but I fear the Sith Council will not tolerate even my threats for much longer. There are rumours of a bounty on my head. I do not fear bounty hunters or assassins, but it will be very inconvenient for the Galaxy to lose so much talent" Tepe said and looked as his four guards stopped around him also. The Colonel was long gone and he missed the old friend, but life went onwards nonetheless.
"You are a very important supporter and companion of the Empire, Lord Tepe. Much more important than the Sith Council. If they attempt your life and side with us in the war, I have no choise than to reject the offer. We cannot handle two very powerful enemies at once"
"That is why I am attempting to speak Chief of State Stazi out of the War, but it will not work without your cooperation"
"You can contact me at any point if you wish to speak of peace"
"Thank you, Emperor"
"No, thank you, milord"

The hologram disappeared and the group continued onwards. They entered a large office at the top floor of the building that had been readied for the meeting between the Lord and the Chief of State. Tepe sat down behind the large desk and looked out of the window at an approaching speeder.
"Aide!" the Lord called out and an aide came in. The aide was one of the Sith species, actually.
"Yes, milord?" the sith aide asked as he entered and bowed.
"Contact High Command and order them to get the fleets ready. If we do get into a war, I want to be ready to face the enemy" Tepe noted before looking at the aide
"Yes, milord. The spies are trying to dig up possible threats from bounty hunters. Thus far nobody has come up to accept the Sith offer, but it is only a matter of time" the aide reported and bowed before leaving.

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