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Name: Aislin Dantes

Age: 26

Appearance: Aislin Dantes

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Weapons: burnt-orange lightsaber, assorted blaster pistols, rifles, two sniper rifles, assorted explosives, assorted knives

Ship: Cerulean Eye

History: Aislin Dantes was born on her fatherís ship, the Cerulean Eye in 102 ABY. Her parents were looking for a place to settle after a situation they still donít speak about. For this reason, Aislin has no knowledge of her family history. But Aislin Dantes could not care less. She lives in the present and she always has.

When she was seventeen, Aislin stole her fatherís ship and left her family, intent on making her own way in the galaxy. At that young age, she publicly announced herself as a mercenary for hire, but after two near-death experiences, she realized she could not continue living so unprepared for danger. Three months after she left her family, Aislin found her way to the Jensaarai and requested training. They were hesitant at first, but Aislin convinced them she was intensely interested in becoming one of them.

Over the next five years, the Jensaarai were continually astounded at Aislinís connection to the Force and her ability to use it. At the end of the fourth year, she constructed her own lightsaber. During her final year with the Jensaarai, they noted that her interest in their issues began to decrease. Then, at the end of the year, she left without warning. But they soon heard what she had done.

The next four years were devoted to establishing Aislin Dantes as a successful and near-untouchable bounty hunter. Occasionally compared with the legendary Boba Fett, Aislin is a force to be reckoned with. She has taken jobs from all of the governments of the galaxy, even a few from the Jensaarai. She just finished collecting the bounty for a senator of the Galactic Alliance.

Now, sheís open for a new job... and she has already had several offers...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"What's the point?" Aislin Dantes demanded of the figure cloaked in black. "Do you want galactic instability?"

"We will create the stability in the absence of the Oligarchic Imperial Monarchy of the Outer and Mid Rim Dominions," the figure answered.

"And you believe that the death of their leader alone will destroy them?" Aislin clarified. She shook her head. "Power of a government like that does not rest with one person alone. With that knowledge, are you asking me to destroy their entire government structure?"

"If you feel you can do this, you will be paid extensively to do so," the stranger answered. "Thank you from the Sith Dominion."

"You believe I'm going to agree to this?" Aislin asked, smirking slightly.

"Yes, I do," the man answered. "Because you love a challenge." He withdrew, saying, "We'll be in trouch, Ms. Dantes."

Aislin laughed softly. "I suppose we will." With that, she headed back to her ship to prepare.

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