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The doors opened with a hiss and the Chief of State walked into Tepe's office within the Embassy with two senate guards of his own that stopped to stand next to Tepe's guards by the door. Gar Stazi sat down at the other sie of the table and looked at the Lord on the other side. The two stared each others down for a moment before Tepe finally nodded.

"I am glad you could come with such a short notice" Tepe said as the Duros man infront of him nodded also.
"You have been a great benefactor to the Works and the poor of Coruscant as well as the rest of the Galactic Alliance. I am honored to meet you in person, milord" Gar said and looked outside at the traffic rushing past the tall tower.
"Indeed. My men have done a great work with the Works. We managed to cut the amount of homeless people into 2/3 of the original amount. But I did not invite you here or come here myself to speak of such matters. I came here because I feel obliged to try and solve the war you and the Empire have engaged in. Now, I have already spoken with Emperor Fel and..." Tepe said but was abruptly cut off
"And he promises to comply with any peace traty there is. However, the Galactic Alliance cannot stand by idly as a large amount of systems held in the Emperor's grasp are being occupied and the civilian population tortured" Gar Stazi said and hit his fist into the table.
"Admiral! I do not appreciate being cut off. I also do not like people destroying my furniture. I fought against the New Republic, Imperials and Galactic Alliance. All that because the Jedi urged you to attack me because I used the title of a Sith Lord. Thousands of lives were lost, planets ruined and families torn apart just because the democracy you so much speak of discriminates someone over their title. Emperor Fel is no Palpatine" Tepe said as he stood up and leaned towards the man infront of him. The Senate guards took a step forwards but Tepe's guards blocked their way from getting any further. As the Lord began to circle the table to get around to the Chief of State, the men changed cold looks.

"If you think I will stand your democracy's discrimination against someone who calls himself Emperor, I will not do so. If you wish to continue your war, you can do so without my resources" Tepe said before walking to the window.
"I will give you three days to think about it, then all trade contracts between our nations can be deemed worthless. If you wish to take my resources by force, you can try. I will wait to hear from you again" the man said as he raised his hand and gave the sign to escort them away. The Chief of State and his guards were escorted back to the speeder while the aide entered the office once more.

"Milord, it is done. High Command is preparing all fleets and armies and gathering reservists for extra training" the sith said and Tepe nodded, still lookig out of the window.
"Send word to our spies to dig up the whereabouts of a certain Strider Flamehart. Get them to spread the word Tepes Dantes wsiehs to see him as soon as possible. He'll know what it means" the Lord said and withdrew into his private quarters just next to the office.
"Yes, milord" the aide said as the door was closing and then left to fill out the order. Tepe set himself down on a very simple, round chair into a meditative position. He fell into a deep meditation

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