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As the knock sounded throught the door, Tepe opened his eyes like he was coming back from a dream he did not want to wake up from. Standing up as his loved one entered, he looked at her with a smile.
"The Sith have offeed a bounty on me. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I am a certain target. Taking she isn't going throught normal procedure, I'll take a wild guess she got an offer she couldn't refuse. I will meet her. Take the children and go to Naboo. The lake country should be beautiful at this time of the year. I can't let yoube threathened by the Sith Dominion's assassins. Your guards will keep you safe" he said as he walked to Charna and placed a hand on both sides of her head. With a soft kiss, he bid her adieu for now.


It was later that night when the Works were gleaming a red, misty light when Aislin was permited entrance into the embassy. Normal soldiers escorted her to the top level where she encountered the firstof Tepe's guards. They might've not seemed like much as holograms or as data, but in person they were very intimidating in their own way. They had traditional, rather silly uniforms and the weapons looked old, but the sheer size and the mysterious aura around them and the covering cloaks made them something else completely than scrawny guys playing bodyguards.

The guards escorted her further inside from the elevator and into a dark room where the only light was that coming from the skylines. The guards left the room after showing her a seat where she could wait. Several miniutes later, a door opened and the lights lit up in the room. The man she saw was a rather old-ish man. Not one who would be thought as over a 150 year old ruler of a whole nation. The man's clothing was simplistic even if the Dominion heraldry was splashed around his cape on silver prints.

"I was told you wished to see a member of the royal family?" the man asked as he took a step forth from the door. The cape was wrapped around his body, letting no glance at what he was wearing or armed with while a dark hood covered the view to his face. She must've been quite astounded at the entire security setting, as she was not asked to give her weapons to anyone or to even leave them in the ship.
"You are quite strong with the force, aren't you? You think you can kill a former Sith Lord. I know who you are and why you came here" he said before drawing back the cape that had covered his face in shadows. It was indeed Lord Tepe himself facing her mere meters away. His nearly entirely white eyes looked at her curiously, like waiting for her to do something

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