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Slowly, Aislin drew one of her blaster pistols and aimed it at Tepe. Just as she'd expected he did not move, instead staring at her with such curiosity. It was highly unnerving and after only a moment, Aislin lowered the gun.

"Not when you're expecting it," she answered, looking away. When she looked back, she was smiling. "It's a challenge, you know. And I just can't resist a challenge."

She holstered the blaster and drew her burnt-orange saber. "Shall we call this an experiment of my ability? I think we both know you'll easily overpower me."

But as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she took a step back and switched the saber off. "No?" Another step back. "Perhaps another time."

This was just too unsettling. Aislin had to get out of there. She turned and fled, but she'd never been this far into the embassy and soon she was lost, as she'd determined it would do no good to leave by the same way as she'd been led up. With a little sigh, she stopped to collect her thoughts and try to regain her cool.

"I can't do this," Aislin murmured to herself, hiding away in what she guessed may have been a closet of some sort at one point. "Can't do this, can't do this, can't do this... oh, I can't do this..."

But it took her a moment to realize exactly why looking Tepe in the face was so unnerving. It wasn't the sheer power rolling off him. Nor was it the fact that he'd lived longer than a human ought to. It was how... familiar he looked.

Suddenly, there was a rattling on the other side of the door. Aislin burst outward from the closet with such power that the guard on the other side was slammed into the wall behind him. "Out, out, out, out!" Aislin mumbled to herself, sprinting along the corridor toward the window at the end. Just before she reached it, she sent a powerful surge of Force lightning toward the window, shattering it just as she reached it and leapt out.

Then, she fell, but the fall was more like gliding. Was someone... protecting her fall?

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