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A man with short, platinum hair and bold blue eyes was walking to the embassy just as the bounty hunter went flying out the window in another direction. He raised his eyebrow curiously, wondering if it had been an assassination attempt on Tepe's life, however, continued on at his leisurely pace. After all, he was almost there already. He wore a decorate, royal-looking tunic of black and red, as was his style. He marched right up to the front doors and smiled at the guards, who stepped forward to stop him. The man had not been in vicinity of the Dominion for such a long time, as he was constantly on meetings as the Dominion's Ambassador, and was unrecognizable to the guard.

"Allow me to pass, friends," the man spoke, holding up a hand. "I am Strider Flamehart. Lord Tepe asked to be graced with my presence, so here I am," he said in a humorous tone. It was a running joke between him and Tepe that they honored each other with their arrival, not that either was ever "summoned," simply because both refused to feel like a lap dog to the other, and was done so as a matter of respect.

The guards allowed him to pass and Strider quickly ascended to Tepe's floor, entering without knocking. Tepe already knew his signature, and knew of his arrival. He saw no reason to knock.

"Evening, good friend. Excuse my new look, I think it makes me look younger and a bit more intimidating for the time being. You called? It took them awhile to track me but they found me sure enough. You train your men good, almost too good. I have to try harder," he said with a smile to his old friend.

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