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Tepe looked out of his window at the traffic, silently concentrating on something as Srider entere. As he had to speak with the man, Tepe broke his concentration and so sent the bounty hunter plunging down towards the lower levels of the Works. However, he had managed to get her above a traffic lane, so making it possible for her, if she had any skills or survival instincts, to land on a speeder and commandeer it if she may.

So the Lord turned to see Strider and smirked quietly.
"Indeed. You have become too easily accessable" Tepe laughted and sat down, covering his face with his hands in despair, if you can call it that.
"I sent my family to Naboo. I fear the Sith have put bounties on many heads in my government and to people who have close ties with it. The Alliance is stubborn on waging a war when the Empire would want to stop it while the Sith are still making threats to the Alliance and trying to enter the war. I fear we might have a galactic war ahead of us, my friend. And as much as I hate to say this, I need the aid of the Sith Hunters so we can stop this right from the beginning" he said and sighed, leaning forwards in his large, well decorated chair.

"I don't know what to do. A hundred years back I knew my opponents and my allies, now they confuse me more than poorly planned riddles. Please, walk with me. I have to catch myself a bounty hunter before she leaves the planet" he said as he stood up and walked towards the door. There was always speeders ready on the hangar level, so all he really needed along were a few of his guards.
"Do you remember the times when the Works were a dark place used by Palpatine? Those were bad times. Now some cal the Works the Dominion Distrcit since I built this all over again into an image of the ancient times. All the buildings are fashioned after the buildings of my youth. I still remember what this exact spot looked like when I was a padawan. And that is what I tried to get throught again. Now they are trying to tear it all down. The same with the peace I and the Jedi of Ossus have been trying to accomplish. Now everyone seems to be readyin for war. Even I need to start to launch some more fleets to the border planets" he said as they walked to the hangar with four of Tepe's guards following silently. Before they entered a speeder, he looked at Strider and shook his head.
"What should I do, old friend? I don't want to enter a war that would accomplish nothing but destruction and hatred towards one another even more than there is now"


A modified Valcyn-class shuttle left the hangars of the Embassy, circling around it before heading for space. It was a rather amazing sight. The nearby areas of the Embassy had been aquired by a company called OIM corporation at the turn of the century when it seemed like the Dominion would be setting against the Galactic Alliance once more. So the Corporation had bought the areas and the buildings and turned them into docking stations. Every second building had been demolished to give more room for ships docking. Short pipes protruded from each building's sides with strong tractor beams above each one to help guide larger vessels to the docking ports. Even as the shuttle left, several Dominion warships were docked on these buildings for refueling and repairs. Only two decades after the areas were bought and transformed by the corporation heavily associated with the Dominion, Galactic Alliance as well as civilian ships were allowed to dock with them, before that being exclusive for Dominion ships. Even if the buildings cost the removal of hundreds of people, they were relocated and given jobs within the buildings to make it worth their while. This only proved that the cunning wit within the driving forces of the Dominion had not died out just yet.

As the shuttle reached upper atmosphere and prepared for hyperspace, Charna's guards kept patrol on the long corridors. Indeed, the shuttle was heavily modified into a much larger one from the standard shuttles with the additions of a guard's post, guards' quarters, more cargo space as well as heavier sensor arrays and a cloaking device. The intercom opened to inform of the jump to hyperspace. The pilot and co-pilot were both of the sith species. Indeed, after the True Sith had made peace with the Dominion, many of it's people were hired as aides, pilots and serveants of the Government officials due to their absolute loyalties with Lord Tepe. The Head of Guards and the aide of Lady Charna entered the lounge where the family was currently located and bowed, removing his helmet and placing it on the table next to the door. He sat down, as he was the personal bodyguard of Lady Charna and would stay by her side at most times.

"Lady Charna, my men will take good care of your security on Naboo. We got strickt orders from the Lord not to let anything happen to you. He is very concerned of your safety, it seems. There are rumours flying about that High command got orders to raise the alertness level of all garrisons and fleets" Jony, as he was named, said and smiled, the scar going from his temple to his cheek twisting slightly. That was how he had managed to get the position of Head of Guards, actually. Once on one of Charna's shopping sprees, a group of thugs took her and the few guards she had taken with her by surprise. A vibroblade had cut throught Jony's helmet, scarring his Rattataki face before he could unleash an attack of his own against the thugs, giving time for the other guards and Charna to flee. Just then one of the younger kids came up to pull his cape, breaking his memoirs. The young girl smiled sheepishly and ran off again after gaining the man's attention, hiding behind her mother's back.
"You have beautiful children, milady. I wish my duties could give me the time to get some of my own" the guard said and smiled at the Lady, trying to engage in any kind of chatter for the rest of the journey

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