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Originally Posted by Phantom Knight
Although I have been a member of these Forums for some time, I still haven't figured out how to post pictures or images on my posts.

When I go to the advance options, and when I click on Insert Image, I have no idea what the text box wants me to do. I tried pasting the file name in and everything, but it doesn't work.
First you need to upload your image to some other site, the forums cannot host the picture for you. If you have no webspace of your own where you can host the images there are other free alternatives you can use. A couple of common free image hosting services are ImageShack and Photobucket.

When you have uploaded your image you will have an URL to the image, which you put inside [IMG]-tags on the forum to insert the image. For example, if your image gets hosted at the URL you would type...

HTML Code:
[img][/img] insert it like this:

If your image is very large you may want to use a thumbnail image that links to the full image when clicked instead to make it easier to browse the thread and make the page load quicker. You can do that by placing the thumbnail inside the [IMG]-tag, and then wrap a link tag around it that points to the image. Like...

HTML Code:
...which results in something like this instead:

Both imageshack and photobucket automatically create thumbnails for you when you upload images, so you won't have to worry about that yourself.
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