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Charna smiled faintly and told Jony, "Children are a handful and a half... but well worth the effort. Children lead to grandchildren... and to great grandchildren." She shook her head thoughtfully. "It is truly amazing to see a family grow into such a widespread group."

With a little sigh, she looked down at the Embassy as the shuttle which held her departed from it. With one hand, she absently reached back and brushed gently at her daughter's hair. "I'll tell you one thing, though, Jony... all this political garbage and diplomatic duties I find myself bound with are really getting to me. I haven't had a good fight in near a hundred years..."

Shaking it off, she smiled cheerfully. "But why would I need one when I have such fine guards?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As she was guided to the traffic lane, Aislin focused all of her energy on discovering who was aiding her, but though she had tracked beings successfully before, this one was eluding her. It was because of the helper's concealment that Aislin managed to discover who it was. After all, who else could hide himself so efficiently?

At that moment, the guide vanished and Aislin again began to fall. She shifted her position just a little, anticipating the oncoming speeder... and landed solidly on her feet in the back seat of the open-roofed speeder. The frightened driver swerved abruptly, frantically trying to get the stranger out of his speeder, but his swerve took him into a crash. With a small huff of frustration, Aislin leapt away, falling two more layers of traffic before landing on a public transport bus. As it was traveling the correct direction, Aislin took a moment to breathe, but then the bus began to slow and she knew they had discovered her.

One final leap took Aislin to the roof of a nearby building and there, she stopped. After a moment to determine her location, she crossed the roof and forcefully dominated the mind of a passing speeder pilot. He swerved sharply, swinging around and landing his speeder atop the building, next to Aislin.

"Sleep now," she told him. "This is all a great and terrible dream."

Obediently, the man crawled into his back seat and fell asleep. Nodding her approval, Aislin took the driving controls and lifted off, going back to her ship. When she reached it, she abandoned the speeder and its pilot, who would not remember anything of the trip.

"I couldn't do it, Ceru," she told her ship as she boarded. "I just couldn't do it..."

"Too great a challenge, perhaps?" Ceru questioned. "This is the royal family of the Dominion we're talking about. Most if not all of them are highly Force sensitive."

"I know..." Aislin mumbled. "I studied them in depth, remember?"

"Maybe you didn't study enough," Ceru suggested.

"Or maybe I'll never be capable," Aislin countered. "No matter how physically capable I become, I do not believe I'll ever be emotionally capable... looking at Darth Tepe, the man himself... it was so... unnerving..."

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