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"It's hard to always change with the times. Take my word for it, I've got a leg up of four thousand years on you," Strider remarked. While there was humor in his statement, he said it with a solemn tone, as if he was admitting to the hardship they would be facing.

"Good choice on where to send your family. They should be safe there," he said. "How is your family doing anyway, Tepe? They been okay these past years?" He asked as he walked with Tepe, trying to promote some idle chatter to help Tepe's troubled thoughts.

"The Sith Hunters huh? They've been tough to get in contact with, even for me. I can still get ahold of Katherine, but the others are a bit more troublesome. But you know how we work Tepe. Once trouble starts, they show up late, but they show up. But don't worry, I'm here from the start, I don't think there'll be much that can stop the both of us," he said with a grin, trying to instill some pompous between the two of them.

Finally, Strider stopped avoiding the topic and looked at Tepe square in the eye. "The only way I can see to fight this war safely, is to either remove the instigating party, or force negotiations between them, even if it causes a few battles to get ahold of them. Or, if we entered the war, we could do as we did before - play the defensive, protect our planets, ensure minimal destruction on the worlds we control. We have the wealth for any of these actions Tepe, it's just spending it properly," Strider counseled. "Whatever you choose, myself and the Ragnarok will be at the forefront of your fleet, my old friend. All you have to do is ask."

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