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"We? You speak like you and I were running the Dominion together" Tepe said with a grin as he entered the speeder with the guards and Strider. Even thought he joked about it, he truly did want the council of the much older and wiser man.
"I could get involved in the war by announcing a formal decleration of such, but I don't want to lose soldiers because I want to push both parties into peace. he population will not have such and would take it as a sign of me trying to dictate what the Galaxy can and can't do. he fact that the Empire and the Galactic Alliance are at war would be a minor matter when the civilians want to make me a scapegoat of all their pain" Tepe said and looked out of the window of the speeder and at the view as they flew out of the small landing are beside the main hangars.

"And remember that the instigating party here is the Galactic Alliance. The population wants to have a democracy, and by standing against the GA, I would still look like a dictator in their eyes. I can't lose the civilians' trust in me. I just can't. And by entering the war, I have no moral ground in keeping the Sith Dominion from entering either, which would cause even more trouble in the Galaxy" he said and sighed quietly as the speeder sped off towards the landing platforms nearby. They had managed to track down the bounty hunter and were now trying to get to her before she managed to lift off. The sith driver pushed some buttons and announced that they were getting close. Tepe nodded silently and looked forwards at a landing platform in the distance where a lone ship was.
"Sorry, old friend, but we must continue this later. I hope the GA and the Empire will see that the war is pointless when the Dominion's Armed Forces reach the next alertness level as a whole" Tepe said as they arrived and the doors opened so they could get out. The guards took out their blasters immediately, checking the abandoned speeder first where the man slept, then approaching the ship. Tepe stepped out of the speeder and looked at the familiar ship. Noticing the dirt on the sides, he moved his hand slightly, blowing the dirt off with the force and so revealing the Dominion insignia. It truly was one of his family's. But how? Just then the guards rushed inside throught the manually overriden ramp. The shout 'This is the Dominion Guards. Come out with your hands up' was heard from inside as the guards started to sweep the insides of the ship.


Jony smiled and looked at the Lady.
"That's why I joined the Guard Academy instead of involving myself in politics. It's easier to just guard someone and shoot anyone who threatens the person without thinking about it or the political consequences. For me the worst thing they can do is fire me, in which case I'll go back to Rattatak and fight in the Gladiator fights. With what I've learned thus far in the Academy, I'll be a superstar in there" he chuckled and looked at the floor for a while quietly before smiling and looking up again.
"Althought, I really don't miss my homeworld. Such a cruel and crude place..."

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