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Aislin had closed her eyes in a moment of meditation, but that was broken when the Dominion guards came charging up the ramp.

"Ceru, we prepared for this!" she hissed softly. She leapt upward and the ship caught her, pulling her close to the ceiling and completely concealing her. Taking a deep breath, she called on the Force to slow her breathing and her heart rate. Soon, she was pale white and, if anyone were to see her, it would appear as if she were dead, even to medical scans. Her hair color darkened to brown and her facial structure changed a bit. Now, no one would recognize her for being Aislin Dantes... if the ship allowed them to see her.

"Welcome to the Cerulean Eye," the ship told the guards. "Come aboard and look around. You'll find no organic life aboard, I'm afraid. Just a dead bounty of my master's."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Charna laughed. "For me, there was no choice," she said. "Love leaves no choices in matters such as mine..." Her smile faded. "But even if there had been a choice, I..." She sighed. "As frightening the idea is to me, I think I may have ended up in politics regardless. They need a mind that has thought in all of their various ways, as mine has. I could not deny them that."

"Mama?" the little girl behind her asked. "I'm bored!"

Charna smiled. "Go find your brothers and sisters," she instructed. "You can all entertain one another."

"I want you to do it," the little girl insisted stubbornly. "Please, mama?"

Charna laughed softly and began to exert a small portion of her mental energy to create an illusion around her daughter. It was of a peaceful garden with so many things to look at, smell, and taste. Though, to anyone but the little girl, it seemed as if she were walking around the shuttle, sniffing at the air and plucking imaginary fruits to taste.

"The Jedi of Coruscant have reverted to the Old Order's way of doing things," Charna told Jony. "That change was beginning, even before I left them, so I know the way. When I first met Tepe, he showed me how to channel my emotions into terrible purpose. Watching Kaoin work reinforced those ideas. Then, Tepe began to change and I changed with him. A more compassionate, less violent, less dominating Dominion arose and I adapted. I took traits from Tepe and from the Sith Hunters."

Charna nodded. "So you see, I am an ideal diplomat, an ambassador, for I know how all sides think of a situation. I can translate for them, as it were."

She glanced away and watched as her daughter skipped away to another part of the ship, still inside her illusion of a garden.

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