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"Indeed. It is very unwise stealing from the Dantes family, even if you are one by your last name" Tepe said before looking at her more intensly, taking a step forwards and then beginning circling her. The guards lowered their weapons when the Lord went past them so they wouldn't hit him if there was a misfire. After the man had passed, they raised the barrel back up to point at the bounty hunter. The dark cape of the Lord moved as he circled her with his hands behind her back. If you had ever seen Darth Vader walk, you could imagine the mask on him. That is exactly how menacing he looked as he walked around the woman.

"Indeed... You are one yourself, aren't you. Your father was Iliad and grandfather Edmont. That's how you still have the last name" Tepe said before stopping infront of her and ordering the guards to lower their rifles. The Lord gave a chuckle before staring into her eyes quietly for a while.
"So, my own great grand daughter tried to kill me" he said with a chuckle.


"So... After Lord Tepe ordered the execution of the Master's Council, the Jedi of Coruscant elected those of themselves to the Council that were loyal to their ideology instead of those who would follow Skywalker. Then when the war began, they detatched themselves completely from Ossus and declared war on Tepe, which was when the Dominion took Ossus under it's wing" Jony said, by the end of it all speaking more to himself than Charna, but noticed his error soon enought and apologized.

"Excuse me... I get excited easily when it comes down to history. I could sit in libraries for hours if I had the time. What troubles me most of all this that is told of the Dominion history is that it never speaks of you and Lord Tepes affair. Or more specifically when did you get married" he said, leaning forwards on his seat like a child eager to find out more. He knew he was going out of line as the Head of Guards, but he was sure she would tell him if it bothered her.

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