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"Your father was a fool" Tepe barked when she had finished and waved his hand as the command for his guards to leave him. The Lord looked at Aislin and grunted quietly to himself. Strider was of course free to stay, taking neither of them had ever really had any control of the other.
"Iliad thought he could escape his force sensitivity by using death sticks. I had my men follow him around for a while before finally leaving him alone when Edmond asked me to do so. Seems he got clean after that as when I last saw him, he was in no condition to get any woman to be with him" Tepe said, starting to circle her again before stopping behind her and looking at Strider silently for a moment, sencing the force aura around Aislin.

"Computer, set coordinates for Mjolnir and lift off as soon as you've got the engines warmed up. Open intercom" Tepe commanded and the intercom crackled open.
"Guards, take your positions. We're heading to Naboo. Inform the Embassy I won't be around for a while. Tell the rest of my guards to get to my ship as soon as they can" Tepe said before walking over to Strider and placing a hand on his shoulder.
"I understand if you want to get off, old friend. But if you wish to come and find out just how powerful this little girl is and to see Charna, this might be your chance. I trust your ship can find it's own way to my ship?" he asked and looked at Strider with a friendly smile, hoping he would take the chance.

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