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The shuttle jumped out of hyperspace, immediately getting contacted by a customs ship for clearance. The intercom of the shuttle crackled open and a hort announcement came throught from the pilot:
"We have exited hyperspace and are starting landing procedures. Landing destination, Dantes Manor, outer Lake Country" the pilot informed and the intercom crackled shut again. Jony took his helmet, stood up and put it on. It was time to get back to work and so he became the silent bodyguard once more.

When the shuttle had landed, he swung his rifle behind his back and made sure everyone supposed to come out got out. The manor was a very beautiful place, made specifically for Lady Charna by the first Queen of Naboo who agreed to raise the Dominion banner above the Palace. It was raised a few meters from the ground as it was located in an easily flooding area, the landing platforms located at the same level but on solid ground as the further inland areas were higher than where the Manor had been built. Vines and plants decorated and hid the place from aerial view except for the landing platforms, which were easily covered by a cloaking device if it came to it. Ramps from the landing platforms led to one of the entrances to the house and directly at the other end of the house, a small private pier, which was customized to raise and lower according to the water level by having steps extending and folding, was located so they could go swimming and boating if they wished. The Manor itself was a three-floor house decorated with whatever Charna wished it to be, as Lord Tepe had given it to her as a little project to keep her busy. The top floor was small and meant for the Guards.

As the family was getting out, some Tusk cats walked by the fence of the landing platforms, heading for their daily hunt. Jony glanced at them, not giving much notice to them anymore after so many visits even if at first the animals had managed to intrigue him more than enought. When Charna herself stepped outside, the Head of Guard stood into attention.
"Milady" he said as a greeting and got ready to escort her until he as given leave

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