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The Mjolnir silently orbited Naboo, resting it's crew and giving them well earned shore leave, leaving only a skeleton crew and the marines onboard. The trip had been swift and Aislin had been detained onboard the small ship for the entire time, not risking any chance of escape while Tepe and Strider were preoccupied and speaking of the tense situation.

Now the very same Syren-class Luxury Yacht Aislin had been using for her bounty hunting landed next to Charna's shuttle on the landing pad, opening the ramp for everyone to get outside. Tepe and Strider were the first to walk out, escorted by two of Tepe's guards and being followed by four more guards escorting Aislin. She had been disarmed and her lightsaber had been given to Tepe for safekeeping so she wouldn't try anything.

"Sure know how to build a house, Tepe. This'll be interesting, I've been so busy I haven't seen Charna since the peace" he heard from his side and nodded, looking around.
"Too bad I'm not the architecht here. The Queen of Naboo started construction especially for Charna. She's the one who has kept Naboo mostly untoutched and flourishing. So, as appreciation, they built this for her to retreat to when the pressures of Galactic matters were getting to her. And during these many years, I've managed to use it once or twice myself. and as far as Charna goes, she hasn't changed a bit from what she was back then" Tepe noted as he started to lead them towards the entrance.


Jony rushed to Charna within the house when the ship was landing and getting ready to let the important people inside it out to the landing platform. He rushed into the room where Charna was and bowed.
"Milady, Lord Tepe has arrived with Ambassador Flamehart and the Bounty Hunter Aislin Dantes" he informed her while straightening himself up

((I hope you don't mind me making it a Syren-class. If you have a problem with it, just say so and I'll change it))

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