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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
The walkthrough by vampyri_lestat explains how to turn off the autosave function. I did notice an increase in load times as I progressed in the game, too. The Planet Vampire Bloodlines tech support may have some help for your problems.
There are only two ways to fix the load times of this game. Most of the solutions on planet vampire won't work for most people. The only two that work are to set your windows scratch disk to a separate physical drive on a separate IDE or sata channel than the drive VtM:B is installed on and fix the size to twice your physical RAM, and also to give it at least 1gb of physical ram in xp or 2gb ram in vista. The areas in this game are large and highly detailed, and in most systems the game has to load most of it's data to the windows scratch disk rather than into ram, hence extreme lag in load times. While VALVE did fix this problem in SOURCE, Activision only authorized the 1.2 patch for VtM:B,which did not include this fix. Hope this helps anyone trying to eliminate the 3 minute load times found in some of the later levels.

I've had such a good time playing this game I wondered if anyone might be interested in the PnP version. I'm not sure how feasible it is to do online or in the chatbox/IRC, but it might be doable.
White Wolf no longer publishes Vampire the Masquerade. It has been replaced by Vampire the Requiem, which is still World of Darkness, so it is mostly the same. Check out the introductory rule set at so you can decide how feasible it would be to play by IRC.
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