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Charna smiled. "Thank you, Jony," she said. "We shall go out to meet them."

She rose and, flanked by several of her younger children, moved toward the landing pad.

"Welcome to Naboo," she said, bowing slightly to Tepe and those that followed him. She stared for a long moment at Aislin before smiling at her.

"And you, Aislin Dantes," she said, "you have your father's eyes."

Aislin shifted uncomfortably under her great-grandmother's gaze. "And he has his grandfather's face," she answered, nodding her head in Tepe's direction. She smiled faintly. "Rather unnerving when the man you were sent to kill resembles your own father so closely..."

Charna raised a single eyebrow. "Indeed. So it was not merely his charm and power that made you flee from him at your first meeting."

"No," Aislin answered. Her hand went subconsciously for the lightsaber that wasn't at her belt. Though they were older than humans had a right to be, Aislin did not think her great-grandparents had a right to be so... emotionally intimidating.

Charna could sense the emotional turmoil within her great-granddaughter, but said nothing of it. She turned to Tepe. "She is no danger to us," she told him. "Let her have her weapons back. She'll feel significantly more comfortable with them within reach."

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