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Tepe nodded silently to Charna, took out Aislin's lightsaber and twirled it in his hand unignited before giving it to his great-granddaughter so that the blade emitter was pointed towards the young woman just incase. He then walked to his wife and wrapped an arm around her waist, dismissing his and her guards before turning to see Strider.

"Please, Strider, enjoy our fine house. You will find out the high-end sensor and communications relays might help you in your find for the Sith Hunters when they are needed, which I suppose are soon. I just wish trusty old Emukiel has managed to get the new law to pass in the Governors' Council" the Lord said before looking at Aislin and her slightly swollen cheek caused by his hit.
"And you. You better behave yourself. I'd hate to kill someone of my own blood in one of the last sanctuaries of my family. You will be handled with in due time" he noted before removing his hand from Charna's waist.

"Excuse me. I need to check the news. I need to know what the Galactic Alliance has decided on my recent proposal. Then I can join you" the man said, gave a kiss on the Lady's cheek and going inside and straight into his office where he put on the Dominion HoloNet News, looking at the holoscreen coming up from the table.
"Good evening from everyone here in the DHHN. Our headlines today: New Law in the Thule System, Empire and Galactic Alliance in Negotiations, Sith Dominion Uniting, Terrorist Attack Against the Bogan Amphitheater" the Ubese newsreader said. only moments later a report came in about the Terrorist attack, then a spy report of the GA-Empire negotiations and the Sith Dominion's apparent unification from the traditional bickering government into a sort of fascism. This was interrupted by a pair of the younger kids rushing inside, not noticing it was the office until they were already inside and looking at their grandfather sitting in the room alone, more thoughtful than usually before he noticed the children, smiled and walked with them outside of the office, closing the door behind them.

"Whatever happens, you to need to promise me that when you grow up, never forget who you are. Even if it would be the middle of a war zone" he said and the grandchildren looked up at him.
"What do you mean?" the other asked and Tepe merely shook his head before they approached the room where Charna was flooding the guests with hospitality.
"This will not last. Every time before something bad happens, there are negotiations. And now it seems we're off to fight the Sith Dominion" Tepe said before they finally entered the room and the Lord let the grandchildren run off

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