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RAS Prosecutor tough spots

when i went through the prosecutor campaign i used the shotgun (ACP array gun) as my primary for 3/4 of the campaign and when the BDs came i swapped to the DC guns. the toughest spot i had to get through was the SAVE THE SHIP when you had to go through that hallway with the turrets BDs and SBDs. i hit the turets w/ the sniper and fraged the BDs w/ anti-armor & grenades. i moved on to turbo-laser consoles and set the othors up on slicing the consoles. i just crouched & took pot shots at the BDs & hid from the destroyers & SBDs

if you are confused about topic & title, i cant change the title

"If you need a job done, you can send one ARC Trooper, 100 Clone Troopers, or 4 Clone Commandos."

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