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"Might as well try, but you know how they like to answer," he said, reminding Tepe, then went to the communications relay to attempt to get ahold of the Sith Hunters.

"Sith Hunters, if you receive this message, this is Strider Flamehart. Tepe has requested our assistance with the conflict facing the world powers. Please meet at his estate on Naboo if you get this message and wish to aid. The Ragnarok is near, so you should still be able to pick up it's signature if you need to track me. Strider, out." he said. He sighed. Getting them all together again would be interesting, too long had passed and they had not been out of content, as it often happened. Getting them together again would be more difficult, and now that there were actually more of them, they were more spread out than before. When it was just him and Riebe, it was easy to get ahold of one or the other in one way shape or form. He only prayed at least some would come to his call.

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