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"It's good to hear from you again, Strider," came a message from Jahara Tal. "I've fallen out of touch with everyone... not heard from Reibe or Katherine in decades. Just letting you know I'm close, so I'm coming. See you soon."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aislin was sitting quietly in a corner, watching as Charna flitted from person to person, laughing and talking. She entertained her children, grandchildren, and even the guards with equal concentration, even trying on a couple of different occasions to get Aislin to speak. But she quickly realized that the young woman was intensely intimidated by both Tepe and herself, so she backed off a little.

"It's a little uncanny, isn't it?" an unfamiliar voice asked. Startled, Aislin looked over to see a younger-looking woman standing next to her. This newcomer's blonde hair was pulled back from her face in what might be called a 'stylishly casual' bun. Her bright blue eyes were focused on Charna.

"What?" Aislin wondered.

"That one so old can look as if naught a year has passed by them," the other woman answered. She smiled down at Aislin. "I've not seen you before... what's your name?"

"Aislin." The young bounty hunter thought it wise to conceal her last name, as she suspected it may have been exposed at least to the family that she had attempted an assassination of their leader. But the other woman grinned.

"Aislin Dantes," she concluded. "Oh, I've been wanting to meet you! You're fantastic!"

Startled, Aislin stood, her hand subconsciously going to her lightsaber. "Fantastic?" she echoed. The other woman nodded enthusiastically.

"Fantastic!" she repeated. "I've kept an eye on your career. You've done surprisingly well for being in the game only four years."

Aislin blinked. She hadn't expected to find a fan in this family... then again, this woman didn't exactly look like a Dantes...

"Jahara!" Charna exclaimed and the woman standing next to Aislin departed from her side with a grin, rushing into a warm embrace with Charna. Aislin flushed bright pink as she realized the woman she'd been speaking with had been none other than the Sith Hunter Jahara Tal.

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