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It was quite the number of children Tepe and Charna had managed to get during the century and it was quite weird to think that some of them had died of old age before seeing the newest addition to the family. However, most who knew the family had grown to accept the odd fact. Even the children.

Tepe sat down in the middle of the room, looking at Jahara and smirking. It was even more odd to see Charna and Jahara embrace each others like friends, even if they were enemies during the Formation Wars. That just showed you the human nature, which some species even after millenias of interaction couldn't figure out. The Lord looked at them silently, merely sitting there with some of the youngest children buzzing around him.

"Looks can be decieving, can't they Aislin?" he asked after a long silence from his part. With a smile, he stood up and the children screamed and ran off laughing. With a steady step he walked to her and extended his hand towards her to help her up.
"Come. Walk with me throught the forest. You have many questions which you no doubt wish to ask but cannot in this crowd" he said. Some of the guards got ready to leave with them, but the Lord gave them a look which denied them this duty. So the guards backed off again, marching to the top floor where they were normally stationed.

Jony, however, was sitting in the kitchen with Tepe's Head of Guards and a couple of his children that were nearing their twenties. They had engaged in chater about the Armed Forces and the Guards, as it was roughtly the time for the children to join the Dominion Armed Forces to serve the mandatory time of a standard year and after that possibly specialize in something. They even had the option to become Guards, but more probably Sunguards as the personal guards rarely were shorthanded. The main problem indeed was that what they wanted. The Navy was always shorthanded and had to use droids to keep the crew requirements to minimum, the Starfighter Corps weren't shorthanded but it wouldn't hurt to get some recruits there and the regular soldiers were always needed, as they were the ones who died most often. They had the plus side of it in that their father didn't demand anything of them with the choise they made about service, but he wouldn't help them get into the higher ranks either. He wanted his children to succeed on their own, not by daddy creating a new honorary rank which they could have. He didn't even name most of his sons Princes or his daughters Princesses, thinking that it would only create an aura of arrogance around them. The only time when he splashed the title around was posthumously and only to those of his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren that had managed to do something with their lives.

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