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Beth watched the stranger leave the saloon and smiled faintly. It was about time someone stirred things up in this dusty old town. With a little sigh, she wondered if things would ever truly change. Quickly, she finished off her drink and headed back to her ship. As she reached it, her mechanic, Martha Rallins came out to meet her.

"Bad news, Captain," she said, a frown on her dark face. "Fuel lines are rusting and the compression coil's about shot. Only way we'd be in worse shape is if the reactor went boom for no reason. We've gotta make repairs. Now."

Beth cringed. "Guess we won't be leavin' tonight then... how much is it gonna cost?"

Martha hesitated. "Too much. Think we'll be grounded a while."

With a nod, Beth moved past her mechanic and boarded the ship. It was looking like they'd have to find some form of work planetside for a little while and that was a prospect none of them liked.

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