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"You talk too mutch" Tepe said with a smirk before looking at her properly.
"And to make you feel at ease, I rarely understand it all either. The terms 'family', 'children' and 'friends' are such strong words that nobody can really get what they are all about anymore. And have you taken into concideration that maybe it would be time for me to die. After over a 150 years of living, maybe it would be time for someone like me to step down from the opportunity for more?" he asked and chuckled.
"Too bad I'm stubborn and like my life, eh?"

"And to what you said about my actions, they are not formed throught emotions. That is why I made a bad Jedi. And an even worse Sith. Love, hatred, compassion... They never came throught in my actions. I am a man who works with his brains and memories to keep himself the man he wishes to be. I do not have an anti-slavery law because of empathy, but because my brains tell me that all slavery has done is cause major trouble to the nation. Brains are the most valuable asset to the human body, yet not many of them use it. Emotions are a bad place to find support and guidance. They are always biased" he said before kneeling down and touching the ground, using the force to feel the surroundings before standig back up.

"Let me show you something" he said and took her hand in both of his hands so she wouldn't move too far from him. The Lord closed his eyes to concentrate and cleared hs mind of thoughts before sending every important memory of his to be seen by Aislin as a slideshow. The fall to the dark side, finding Ruun, training in the junges, Darth Rythe, Welmin's Cantina, his first Jedi kill, formation of the Dominion, meeting with the New Republic diplomats and Sith Hunters, followed by a meeting with the senate itself, the launch of his fleets, several battles of the Formation Wars, the duel with Sith Hunters on Ruun, his walk throught the Sith Hunter machine, the first kiss with Charna and then after a long period of a feeling of calmness, Aislin's drawing of a weapon, her jumping out of the window, her meeting with Charna and then this very moment. Tepe released her hand and stepped back.

"After all that horror with only a few moments of happiness, would you trust your emotions?" he asked and smiled. He took out his ligtsaber and looked at her quietly for a while before igniting it. Unlike what it had been during the Formation Wars, it was a purple instead of red and the hilt was partly covered with electrum.
"It is time to test you. If you pass this test, I might give you the opportunity of your life" he said and lowered the blade into the starting form of Makashi, a form no more tought and replaced by a mere three forms of combat, which were easily conquered with the right knowledge of the right old lightsaber combat forms.

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