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A young woman with short, shoulder length black hair and dressed in black and red clothes approached the group, her clothing reminded them much of the style Strider once wore in his early years as a Sith Hunter. Then again, considering her mentor, much of his habits had rubbed off on her to lead to that.

"Strider, what the hell have you done to your hair?" the woman asked in shock.

Strider laughed and responded, "Hey there, Katherine. Like it? What are you doing wearing my clothes anyway?"

Katherine shrugged, "Got me there," she said. "What, do you think it makes you look younger or something?"

"Doesn't it!?"

"No," Katherine responded harshly, teasing Strider. She smiled and embraced him, then embraced Jahara. "Good to see you've been doing well lately too, where you been?" She turned and then gave Charna an embrace as well. "How's being married to Tepe going? Hopefully he's not too boring?" she said with a joking smile.

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