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Sevral KE-8 Enforcer Patrol Crafts spread out, flying over the forests of Wayland, searching for something. A young psadan male sat immodible next to a tree as the airspeeders went over and put on a modified comlink, listening in to the frequency the craft were using.
"Sir, he couldn't have run further than this. According to HQ calculations, we should've seen him already on the radar"
"Yeah, we missed him. Let's go ten miles, turn around and try again on the way back"
"Yes, sir"

The man waited for the craft to go over him again before continuing towards the mountains where a small shuttle waited. Once he reached the small clearing before the ground began to slope up against the mountainside, he was shocked to see nothing there even if his contact had promised to be there. However, before he attempted to return to the forest, a small seed-like shuttle no longer than twenty meters apeared, disengaging it's stealth mode. A ramp from the back of it opened and a Kel Dor came out, wearing the robes of a Baran Do sage. The man turned around andrushed to the Kel Dor, giving out a small disk and getting a lump sum of credits in return. After the transaction was done, the Kel Dor entered his ship and lifted off the planet, engaging stealth mode once again. One he reached space, he revealed another trick up the ship's sleeve by opening a large solar sail.

Inside, the sage sat down on a chair infront of a computer. Behind him was a very spartan sleeping section and next to him the door to the cockpit. The ship was piloted by a droid, when in space before it got ready to jump into hyperspace when an astrodroid took over the calculating. Meanwhile the Kel Dor placed the disk into a terminal, looking throught it's contents and forwarding them to Serenno to his master and employer, as he worked as an aide for a high-ranking official in the Sith Dominion.
"The information is quite impressive. We now know the weak spots of Lord Tepe's pathetic Dominion. It is like I have seen. The Sith can now take down a major opponent" he said into a note that he sent with the critical information the Inner Circle had wished to gather.

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