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Name: Arlyn Krinn AKA Princess of Darkness or Lady Ivy
Age: apparently 27
Occupation: Sith
Weapons: Crimson Bladed Lightsaber.
Ship: Vulture Claw.
History: Arlyn grew up among the Sith for as long as she can remember. Though she has always been a part of the lower ranks of the Sith, her capabilities have never been questioned. She has always favored using the force and has studied extensively the reaches of her power only rarely has she been seen using her lightsaber. She is often referred to as Princess of Darkness due to her beautiful features and smile. But also she has been known to manipulate and use her looks to get what she wants and she wants to rule the Sith.


It was cold in the night. Two men ran through the dim lit streets, breathing heavily and looking back often as if something or someone followed close. They soon stopped near a blast door to the entertainment district. Both had their blasters out and ready to shoot incase something came from the corner.

In the night sky a dark figured lept from building to building, carefully watching as to not make a sound. The figure closed in and looked at both men from above.

The men soon started to lower their weapons, clearly thinking they had escaped the fate they were going to face at the hands of the figure who still watched from the shadowed roof.

Once thir guns were holstered, the men started to make for the turbo lift to the entertainment district. Suddenly one of them drew his blaster pistol from it's holster and pointed it wildly to every corner of the hallway as he watched his fellow man suspended in the air clutching at his neck as if something invisible was choking him. The man with his blaster whimpered at the sight and tried to run away only to have a pile of steel canisters fall down and crush his legs so he could not move. The whimpers soon turned to cries for help. The man suspended in the air was slammed from wall to wall until his face and back were covered in blood. A steel pipe came loose from the side of the building and when the body of this man was tossed one more time, the pipe penetrated his chest and was left there to bleed out and die.

The other man continued to scream and cry for help, the tears rolled in his eyes as he watched his fellow man get killed and the blood of his body splattered all over the ally walls. The figure lept from the roof and gently fell over the ground as if something caught her and smoothly placed her standing on the ground. The figure walked slowly to the man and lifted an arm over him. The hand was clearly visible to belong to a woman. Her hand closed in a fist and the man clutched at his chest and started to scream in pain. As the woman tightened her fist the man's pain was bigger and bigger to the point when he spat blood. Finally with a flicker of her wrist, the man was lifted from the ground and suffered the same fate as his fellow mate. The woman kept walking away from the scene, never lowering her hood, taking with her a small datapad that was in the men's belongings. She then disappeared around a dark corner into the night.

Formerly known as "Miracle"

No puedo olvidarte
sacarte de mi
respiro, no puedo
me ahoga mirarte,
sal de mi piel...

Belinda - Sal de mi piel
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