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"Kiddo, you know who the lady is who came into town today?" the Stranger asked, grabbing a young boy from his shoulder as he was running past.
"Yeah. She's Captain Cantrell. Many of the townsfolk are proud of our local girl getting so far in life, but the mayor doesn't like her or her crew" the boy answered and the rider nodded in approval, but didn't let go.
"I overheard she's got some trouble?" he asked from the kid, putting a toothpick into his mouth and chewing on it.
"Yup. She's got some trouble with her ship" the boy asked, looking at the hand holding his shoulder.
"Where's she staying?" the gunslinger asked, finally smiling to the boy.
"In the Captain's house of course. It's at the other end of town. A big painted house. You can't miss it" the boy said and smiled back at the man.
"Thanks kiddo" the stranger said and handed over a couple of coins before starting to walk towards the other side of town as he was instructed.

Shortly afterwards, he arrived at the only completely painted house in the whole town. Making sure he had his revolvers by his side, he stepped up to the door and knocked rather loudly. The man took the toothpick from his lips and spat on the ground beside the steps before putting the toothpick back to his lips.

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