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"I heard you're stuck here for a while. I might know a place where you can get some parts for free, taking your ship's not that much advanced than the one I know" he said, effectively dodging the question about his name. It was clear he wished to remain anonymous for now.

"And since I might be in need of getting off this planet after I'm done here, we have a mutual goal. You happen to have the only ship currently on this side of the planet. I checked from the space dock charts" the stranger continued, grabbing the nearest blank piece of paper and a pen, scribbling a rough map of the canyons and then making a thick cross on one of the dead-ends.

"It's how I got here with my brother. We served in the CSA army, guarding this sector when it was attacked. The ship's a small warship. Corvette, to be exact. None of the other crew besides me is still alive, so it won't hurt anyone if you pillage it. However, I haven't been there since we crash landed, so it might be already pillaged. Depending on your needs, it's worth to take a look" he said while scribbling, then slid the paper across the desk to the captain and put the pen back where he got it from.

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