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Emukiel threw the lightsaber at Asa, the force guiding it not to hit her, but instead the innards of the computer, cutting through many critical pieces of the computer. As he withdrew the lightsaber back into his hand, everything in the room shut down except for the lights. The computer was quite dead now.

"Stepping stones. Hundreds of innocent stepping stones" Emukiel mumbled as he shut down the lightsaber and clipped it to his utility belt.
"If the will of the force is with you, then I cannot disagree with you. However, I find myself thinking that before this is over, you shall see that your view of the will of the force was wrong" the Weequay said before walking to Uie'sha, raising him from the ground with the Force and levitating the half-bothan in the air infront of him as they walked down the corridor, vanishing from Asa's sight.

When Emukiel got outside, he indeed noticed that not only was his ship waiting for him outside with Feirod sitting on the ramp, none of the others were yet out. The main entrance was cut through by a high-powered laser beam that made a similar cut to that of a lightsaber. As Emukiel walked behind Uie'sha's floating body to the small medical section of the ship, Feirod joined him.
"I see you found my secret weapon?" Emukiel noted as he set the half-bothan on the bed and turned on the GH-8 meddroid, which was the latest from Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company.
"Yes. The AI helped a bit, thought" Feirod answered and looked as thedroid moved in to take care of Uie'Sha.
"You don't kid around when it comes to medical assistance, huh?" the equine continued and got only the shake of Emukiel's head as a response before they left the medical area and went to the cockpit.
"I've never seen a composite-beam turret before. Where'd you get one from?" Feirod asked as they sat down.
"I found a crashed LAAT/i on Geonosis once. Took the turret and the reactor, then installed them on this baby" Emukiel explained as he started hitting switches.
"This is a good ship. The extra hull plating I've added on top and below the ship give room to hide lots of neat tricks. But now I think it's time to try and find out what's keeping the others. Sarge, scan the building for all lifeforms" Emukiel said and watched as a holoprojection started to blink in between the two, showing the building and then the lifeforms

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