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Morbi÷us opened his eyes. Val-Kan walked outside of the shadows again.

- "Those Ancient Jedi are proving to be a handful for Asa and Orpheus. I thought you said this girl had potential, nevertheless I have a few contacts still waiting to help out" - Val-Kan said and took a holoprojector in his hands, he covered his face with the mask and put on the hood. An image of three men in hoods and one big bluish alien stood there.

- "Marka, open the blast doors to our friends, seems they have fallen behind and we have a schedule to meet" - Val-Kan said and turned off the projector after Marka Ragnos nodded at him.

The installation suddenly shook as the Blast doors opened from the hangar. Marka Ragnos along with three other ancient Sith lords stood there concentrating to get the blast doors opened. Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd and Naga Sadow stood next to Marka Ragnos, all of them bearing the Seren Symbol in their right hands.

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