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Lightbulb Forum Index - major games, news, links of interest

This thead is meant as an index to link to threads about games that generate a lot of discussion to make them easier to find, as well as link to other threads of general "news" type interest, and direct links to posts of the tutorial/walkthrough/information type. This thread is a work in progress, feel free to add to the list as needed. If you think there is a thread that should be listed here, PM a moderator.

* * * * *

General "news" threads of interest

RPG dialog writers interview (including the lead writer on VtM: Bloodlines)
Adventure game in the works: A Vampyre Story
Eidos to make Deus Ex 3
Planescape:Torment interview
Electronic Arts to acquire Bioware
Zero Punctuation game reviews

Jade Empire

External links of interest
Developer's Site
GameBanshee Walkthrough

Related threads
Jade Empire PC modding
JE:SE - Is it worth it?
Jade Empire General Discussion
Jade Empire Storyline Discussion

Post-of-interest links
Modding: List of modding tools
Modding: Making new gems, effects and techniques
Modding: Style 2DA data analyzed
Modding: Style harmonic combo data
Modding: Model format analyzed

Neverwinter Nights 2

External links of interest
Developer's site
Gamebanshee Walkthrough

Related threads
Modding tools: FindRefs and NWN2-GFF
Fun and games in the NWN(2) Toolset
Expansion Pack and Model Exporter announced!
NWN2 Patch Information
NWN2 General Discussion
The Planescape Trilogy
Module competition
NWN2 Mods
NWN2 Official manual patches
NWN2 Frustrations
NWN2 Mask of the Betrayer story (SPOILERS!)

The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion

External links of interest
Developer's site
Gamebanshee Walkthrough

Related threads
TES:Oblivion - Essential mods?
Major Shivering Isles bug
Oblivion General Discussion
Oblivious to the Nines
Play Oblivion? Help...
NWN, TES3/4 - Which did you enjoy most?

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