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Beth smiled faintly and said, "Well we ask questions, find some good cover from psycho first-shots, and then return fire in ways they could never expect... in that order."

"We're also good at sneaking about," Vince added with a grin.

"Vince, get any blueprints you can find for that mine shaft," Beth ordered. "We'll have a look at what we're up against... what would be the smartest way to defend it, what would be the dumbest, and what way would be most likely for the Gang to use."

She turned to Jon. "Don't wander too far. I want you to come with us once we've planned this out."

As Vince left to do as he was told, Beth stood. "Now that he's gone, I want you to be honest with me," she told Jon quietly. "Why did they take William?"

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