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The stranger left the house and looked around quietly before heading off towards the saloon. He had nothing to do for the next 60 hours unless the mayor's little hitman group showed their faces and began a firefight with him like he was planning it should go. And 60 hours should be a good timeline for it to happen and for the stranger to manage and break out of jail after the gunfight. He had some tricks up his sleeve if the sheriff decided to put him in jail until they found a judge and could assemble a jury. Of course if they managed to find it before the ship was ready to leave, the rider would be in serious trouble with a most probably hanging ahead of himself after the mayor bought off the judge and the jury. In that case the best thing for him to do was to have enough ammo to slaughter most of the town that's coming after him. He hoped it wouldn't come to that.

So he entered the saloon, sitting up by the bar and ordering himself a pint of ale to keep himself busy until the hitmen arrived into town. Of course, he would jump to the first job that involved gunfighting pretty much immediately if he got such an offer.

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