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Originally Posted by Darth Manus
Well, I've pinpointed the origin of that inability to start KOTOR II. *sigh* Sound card compatibility or some other crap. This thing will only start with no sound. I've got a Realtek High Definition Audio sound card, with the latest drivers. Is there any way around this? Playing without sound sucks.

EDIT: The version of mss32.dll indicated in another thread here seems to have done the trick. I'm testing now to see if the solution is permanent or if the game will just crash again next time I try to open it.
I'm not sure if this has already been covered. Vista, (in Microsofts unlimited wisdom )does not support 3d sound or sound hardware or whatever, either way it is annoying. It forces everything to be software. Right now only one sound card maker has found a way around it. Sound Blaster cards, the new ones, can make use of Creative Alchemy. here is the link to the site.

I apologize if this is already known and hence I'm acting like an idiot.

This is not drivers for the Sound Blaster cards, it is software that enables the Sound Blaster cards to somehow use their hardware. The more newer ones that will work with Vista, they have a list or a link to a list of which ones are compatible. My sound card is a Sound Blaster X-Fi xtream gammer I think. I don't have the box anymore and Vista only tells me its a Sound Blaster X-Fi but I know something was after that on the box. With this program you will need the current drivers of sound blaster for vista installed.

I had a Realtek High Definition Sound card too. I was very mad when I found out what Microsoft had done. They are using a new sound whatever. They took the support for 3d sound or hardware sound, or whatever it was, out of the coding of the operating system completely! They now use OpenAL. So unhappy as I was about it I went and bought a new sound card after I found the alchemy web page and it works. But Not every game works with it yet. I think creative or whoever is working on it has to do something for each game they want to make work. Hence Empire at War will work with that, but not Forces of Corruption. You'd think they would work since they use the same sound engine, but I don't know for sure if they do. NeverWinterNights 2 wouldn't support anything but software either. And the game's programmers put in EAX capability. I think the Alchemy project may have added support for NWN2 by now.

mss32.dll will probably get your sound working as far as software, but I think you will need a sound blaster card and the alchemy software to get the EAX and superior sound capabilities that the Realtek High Definition sound card would supply with XP. Unless Realtek has actually decided to do something with their cards like creative did.

I also sent a file the securom thingy generated to those people because my game cd kept saying to insert the original game disc. I had to wait a single day! Can you believe it. I got an email with a link to a modified exe file and downloaded it. I did what they told me to do and I havn't had any more problems. I am pasting the text of the email. I just downloaded from the link again and it downloaded the ziped file. I received the reply to my email in March. Just paste the link in the address bar and it should ask if you want to download the file.

Originally sent:
sent the following support request on 03/18/2007---------------------

I bought Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 today. When I try to run after installing it a message comes up and says take the disc out of the drive and put the original one in. I am using the original disc. I am attaching the zip file with the luanch anaylasis in it. Please fix this. Best Buy won't take games back that have been opened. Thanks for your time.

From them:

Thank you for your e-mail. Please rename your original 'SWKOTOR2.EXE', (located here C:/PROGRAM FILES/LUCASARTS/SWKOTOR2/SWKOTOR2.EXE),
to 'SWKOTOR2.OLD'. Then click on the link below or copy and paste it into your web browser. From the 'File Download' window click 'Open' and extract the new 'SWKOTOR2.EXE' into the same folder and re-start the application.

The link for the new file is:

If the problem persists, please send another analysis file of the latest executable to us.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

SecuROM Support Team
SecuROM on the web:
or via e-mail:

End email*****


I'm the type that needs everything spelled out so just in case someone is in the same boat as I am I have probably used to much information.

Anyway......I hope that my post has been at least somewhat useful.

Here is a link to a website about Vista and why it no longer supports "hardware acceleration of DirectSound™ 3D". I knew I wasn't saying it right.
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