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Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
Anyone here like Fullmetal Alchemist?
hells yeah! I don't normally watch anime, but that was the first and only series I've watched through so far. That show constantly was one step ahead of me when guessing what would happen next. I love it, and it's very moving to.

I'm planning to get to Cowboy Pepop after hearing that it actually just takes place in Earth's solar system and has a very good soundtrack. Does it have a lot of story arches though like FMA? FMA was great and all, but all those story arches and cliffhangers just kept leaving me stressed out!

Other than that, the first serious anime I watched was Ghost in the Shell II, the movie. I also watched speed racer and some voltron and DBZ when I could find it.

As for comics, I am a devote fan of Planetary, the Watchman, and the League of Extraordinary Gentilimen. I occasionally read y-the last man when i'm waiting for the bus, and global frequencey and transmopolitan. And to support the poorer comics, I'll occasionally buy one of the comics that looked as if it was printed and stapled at kinkos. They're pretty good thought.

(....a GF comic....if only we could combine the famed fan stories of VampireNaomi and the constant stream of fan art....hmmmmm.................)
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