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clan name:97th Clone Squadron
based:we recruit members from every country in the world(im not joking!)
reinforcements:150 vs. 150 and 500 vs. 500
Website(s) for the website and for the forums

We are a team-based clan so we work in squads/teams.We have a big ranking system and only 9 or 8 rules.Before joining the 97th Clone Squadron, you have to know:

- We do the maximum to respect the universe of Starwars (rank, vocabulary, logic, historical events...)
- We won't tolerate bad beahvior or lone wolfing players. 97th is a team and all the teams work together
- The most important rule is to stay alive all along a battle. No heorical acts alone, more teamworks. Make us proud. Try to not die during combat.
- Ranking up will not be easy, so this is a good clan to start a carreer.
anyway,to join go to the site and fill in the application on the become a member page or say it in the guestbook,if you want to join by teh forums go to the section made to join us thats in the forums.
thats all and dont forget to say gree send u
PS:We only play version 1.0
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