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Originally Posted by Fealiks
Joshi, were the adverts in the States like that on all channels? I don't know how they could cope with that, it's bloody rude. I have to say that I too bought a pair of black Converse All Stars trainers after watching iRobot, although to be fair it was probably the work of other films too; In my experience, Converse All Stars are easily the most advertised shoe in films. I still love them, though. And how could they fit chewing gum into a game about being a secret agent? There is such a thing as going too far and making your film/game look cheap.
1) Yes, almost all channels, I guess Americans are just used to it.
2) True, but iRobot had the most blatant advertising of it ("What are those things on your feet?" "Converse All Stars, vintage 2005, you know you want em.") May as well have just been an advert. But yes, I also love em, even though they take about 5 minutes to put them on and take them off.
3)The Cutscenes featured them, the first instance of them I can remember is a radio report of something and the camera is focused on the radio where, sitting in front of it, in plain sight and focus is... a pack of Airwaves. Another instance is during the Hong Kong/New York blackout, we see the City go dark together with a giant blimp advertising... what was it again.. oh yes, Airwaves gum. Which leads me to ask exactly why a bilmp would go dark during a blackout.

Originally Posted by fealiks
Having said that, I can't help but watch films with a lot of product placement in them and noticing a more true-to-life feeling, making me feel more at home. I know this is what they want. It's working. I don't care.
As long as it doesn't go too far. Back to the Future 2 had a lot of it, but that just enriched the feeling of the future (I'm still waiting for those awesome looking Pepsi bottles)

Originally Posted by Fealiks
Oh, and while we're on the subject, does anyone know whether product placement can exist in song form? I remember watching a film (although I can't remember which one) with that annoying Pizza Hut song in it. I can't remember the context but it may have gone with a scene set in [/i]McDonalds.[/i] I doubt that Kevin Smith would do such a thing, but I also wonder if Chewbacca (or whatever that song is called) was there for advertising reasons (the doubts for this in my mind are huge but I couldn't think of another example)...
Justin Timberlake... "I'm lovin' it". Now the official tune for McDonalds, I haven't seen a bigger instance of someone selling out than that, especially since it seems he simply wrote and sung the song just for McDonalds.

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