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Black Screen on Dantooine

Mod Note: Thread split from Black Screen on Telos thread in The Work Bench as this is an XBox question, and XBox questions belong in the Ebon Hawk's Machine Room. Thanks. -RH

Same thing happenend 2 me, but my black screen has appeared on the KOTOR 2 xbox version. Right after i talk to the head warrior of Dantonie and watch the mini clip of the 2 groups of warriors getting at it, my game loads into a black screen. I'm able to access my menus, hear background music, and i can even see what's going on after I save the game and view the picture to show where i am. Do anybody have any idea what to do?

I was wondering if the problem is caused by me playing the game on the xbox 360, but i have read other posted replies and they say that the problem is happening on the computer also. I'm now thinking that it may just be a game glitch that's kind of difficult of getting around. I thought that maybe if i didn't do all the opitional quest as fixing the turrents, med droid, assualt droids, etc. that maybe it would avoid the problem, but unlucky for me i didn't save at the beginning of the world. This may sound a bit much, but could someone help?

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