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I believe u and Have some ideas so pay attention and take notes. It would be cool if it had two areas. One is that u are playing as the rest of the squad with their new reqruit doing some interesting missions on Coruscant and the other is that u are Sev trying to escape after he has been kidnapped. U have to escape then find a way back to to Coruscant. Sev makes it back and finds his squad operating with their new teammate. So they kick out the new teammate and take Sev back then they Do some missions in the city of Coruscant with sniping and explosives. It would be really cool.

RC-1125-Sparks: Comma.. sh.. Fearless emidia.. evac from t.. following coor...........

Comm console supervisor: We've lost them Sir, we can't extract Theta squad, we never recieved their coordinates.

Flight commander Gett: Damn, they were a damn good squad. Stay in the area we might pick up their signal again.

Comm console supervisor: Yes Sir.
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