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After a Knightfall

19 BBY, Operation Knightfall brought the Jedi Order to the brink of extinction and during one lethal night on Coruscant their Temple was razed and left to turn into dust along the years. Those few Jedi who managed to escape the Clones who suddenly turned against them were pitted against the horrors of one of the greatest Jedi Hunters the Galaxy has seen, Darth Vader. The newly proclaimed New Order, the Galactic Empire, began an all out suppression movement. Were it a small batch of CIS still rebelling or planetary governments wishing to stay out of the Empire's grasp, they all fell and were forced to obey the new Emperor Palpatine. There were only few places where the Empire did not patrol or if it did it dared not to step into the internal matters of these places. One of these became the safe haven for many. This place was the Wheel. The worst scum and best bounty hunters gathered there to drink, gamble, rest and seek anonymity.


I am returning to my normal practice with this one. Every detail of your character should be made in your posts by describing. No profiles unless you truly have to use them, but in that case you must make up one yourself. Needless to say I wish as many non-jedi characters in this as possible. Rules should be clear, use our head and try to make posts readable.

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