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The wheel turned quietly in the empty space. It was surrounded by vessels which had their crews lazing off in the main structure. A flash ripped a hole between hyperspace and real space, letting out a lone modified ARC-170 fighter. The scans showed it was piloted by two and indeed heavily modified from the basic factory version. Just before it had gotten clearance, more ARC-170 fighters came out of hyperspace in hot pursuit. However, it was too late for the Clones as the first fighter had already began socking sequence. They were too late and had lost the jedi they had been pursuing. But knowing the new Empire, they would soon send a Star Destroyer to force the Wheel's security forces to find the jedi and hand them over.

The fighter docked quietly and the jedi inside climbed out. They were greeted by a mercenary who gave them something to disguise them in. After throwing the robes away, the jedi put on the armors the mercenary had given them. They were yellow and white plastoid-alloy armors with long shoulder pads and straps going down to mid-thigh with white capes attached to the back of the shoulder pads. This all would cover up enough so they could hide their lightsabers while wearing blasters on the belt of the armor. That is also what the mercenary gave them. The Vultan male jedi received an SE-14 blaster pistol while the Zelosian female got a DH-17 blaster pistol. The jedi looked at each others and then to the mercenary, bowing in respect for the Trandoshan's aid. After the mercenary left, the jedi turned to each others.

"So uncivilized..." the female muttered but the older man only smiled, heading for the door out of the docking spot. Before reaching the door, the master turned to his apprentice.
"You have spent too much time with Kenobi and his padawan. Blasters are useful when you wish to avoid the stamp of a jedi. And once you know how to handle them, they are quite more civilized than you think. Now let us seek those of our fellows who wished to meet us. They said to meet them in the Black Eye Cafe" the Vultan said and the Zelosian nodded, catching up with her master before they left the hangar and vanished into the crowds.

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