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The jedi reached a doorway leading to the Black Eye Cafe. At least according to the sign above the door they had arrived at the right place. The female jedi looked at her master with a frown, not wishing to have anything to do with the lowlife scum inside but knowing too well that to survive she would have to. So the Vultan male was the first to go in, followed by his padawan only a moment later. Their matching armor was that of a long gone warrior race now passed on as a legend and fairytale which some people cashed in on by making accessories and armors according to the legends. Some looks were drawn to the pair walking to a small booth across the room from the entrance and sat down.

"Mas-" the female started before being interrupted by the male.
"We do not use those titles anymore. We are now ordinary people. Without an Order, there is no Jedi. The unorthodox is now our orthodox. You must come to that conclusion now more than ever, Charollus" the man said and the woman called Charollus Jali nodded before thinking her phrasing again.
"Ferod, don't you feel this is all a bit... Out of place?" she asked from the Vultan man named Ferod Lukom. The names were pronounced rarely, so it could take them while to get used to it.
"This is the place to hide. I have friends here that will stall the Empire as long as they can as soon as they know who they are searching for. And by what you mean with the Temple and the distress signal being converted into a hiding command, I do not know anymore. It is clear now that Palpatine was truly in the inner ring of Sidious. Maybe he himself was the Dark Lord, but confirmation of these will be hard to get. You heard the clones. They take orders from some Vader now. We'll just have to obey the command to hide and get rid of all out jedi accessories that could be tracked from within the temple" Ferod said and signed for a waitress droid to come over to the booth.

"Two blue milks, thank you" Ferod said once he saw his apprentice was quite dumbfounded of what to order in such a place.
"Who is this Gordon fellow then?" she asked once the droid was gone once more and Ferod shrugged in response. Their booth was silent until the droid came back with the milks and both jedi greeted before taking their glasses and sipping.
"Oh, I haven't had this good of blue milk since I visited Corellia" the man said and the woman only smiled while taking another sip. The woman seemed to be in her early 20s with the man in his mid-30s.

This intrigued a patron of the bar and he began approaching their booth. The Vultan man looked at his female companion and removed the safety from his blaster.
"Remember to only use your blaster as long as we are undercover" the man reminded her and the female nodded before taking more sips, nervous of the closing man. When the man was by the booth, he leaned onto the table and wobbled there eying the woman and glancing at the man until he saw the barrel of a blaster pointed at his crotch from such a distance the shot couldn't miss.
"Walk away" the Vultan said, causing the man to lift his hands up and backing away slowly. He rushed back to his seat at the bar and ordered another ale while the man holstered his blaster.
"I'll show you the tricks later. But for now, we need to meet up with Gordon and find some place to rest for a while. We need to leave this place as soon as possible but we still have time until the Star Destroyer comes around looking for us"

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