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((Please do excuse me while I stretch my RP'ing muscles again... Tepe, you'd better follow this story through to its completion, 'cuz this is the only one I'm joining for now. Oh, and you know I'm gonna play a Jedi... or Jedi-ish character... ))

"Hand over gun and credits, little girl," a Trandoshan thug ordered, glaring down at the woman before him. She nearly two feet shorter than his seven-foot-tall height, but she did not seem to be intimidated in the least.

"I think not," she answered coolly. "You really want to walk away now."

The Trandoshan eyed her incredulously, examining her closely. There was no fear whatsoever in her ice-blue eyes and her arms hung loosely at her sides. Her clothing ever so slightly resembled the clothing of a bounty hunter. But there was something else in her eyes... a cold, hard determination such as the Trandoshan had never seen. Reluctantly, he turned and vanished into the crowd around them, who'd been paying absolutely zero attention to what had just happened.

"Run away, imbecile," the short woman growled softly, tugging thoughtfully on her waist-length raven black braid, which was draped over her right shoulder. "That's right, just run away."

Nodding in satisfaction, Niara Kyr, former Knight who'd been exiled from the Order before the fall of the Republic. For those few years, while the Clone Wars raged, she had found plenty to do, but then, the Emperor rose to power and Niara discovered that the Clones did not bother to determine if they were slaughtering Jedi, Dark Jedi, or those few who had mastered both sides of the Force. Indeed, it was her skill with both sides of the Force that had enabled her to live beyond her confrontation with the Clones.

As she forced thoughts of the Wars and Clones, Niara absent-mindedly brushed her left hand across a faint scar on her stomach... clones were good shots.

So much for trying to forget, she scolded herself. But this was neither the time nor the place to relive old memories. There were Jedi here and whether they needed Niara for anything or not, whether they liked her or not, she was going to be there, even if they hated her. So she entered the Black Eye Cafe, her hand subconsciously going to the blaster. She tapped the grip ever so slightly, reminding herself that her lightsaber was safely stowed away, out of sight in her boot.

But still within easy reach should anything go wrong.

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