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The jedi had managed to gather most of their credits on the table, which was not much taking Jedi didn't usually have much money. Their hope was to empty as much of the Temple's emergency funds before it all could be confiscated by the Imperials. The man shook his head as he counted the credits. Just over a thousand credits and whatever they could gather by selling stuff they didn't need.
"You should go find the nearest bank. I know it's against the Jedi code to use the mind trick for personal gain, but we'll need to transfer any credits to our accounts as soon as possible. It's wither our survival or the Empire getting stronger on the Order's money" Ferod explained the situation with such terms that his padawan could understand the urgency of the matter. The female nodded, gulped down the rest of the milk and then stood up.
"I'll go see if I can find bank. Should I see if I can find a buyer for our ship?" she asked but Ferod shook his head. The fighter would be better than any other ship currently. It suit perfectly their needs with speed, firepower and mobility while cargo space wasn't that important to them.

So Carollus walked away from the booth while Ferod stayed behind waiting for Gordon to show himself and gather the money into one single pouch for convenience. On the way out, her shoulder pad, stretching way out from his shoulder, bumped into a woman just entering. Overreacting on her portrayal of a tough mercenary, she placed her hand where usually her lightsaber hung only to find a strange grip of a blaster there. After a very brief confusion, she grunted and left the scene hoping the woman hadn't noticed her portrayal gone wrong. Watching from the booth, Ferod chuckled to himself and shook his head quietly. It would take the woman a while to visit the bank, finish the transaction and then come back, so the Vultan found it to be quite refreshing to see an old student friend of his standing at the door.

They had been in the same youngling group way back before he had become Padawan to An'ya Kuro and so the two had departed ways. That is, until he attended the brief Council meeting where she was expelled from the Order. He wouldn't bother her, but if Niara was as observing as usually, she should see him quite clearly from the door even if the armor was weird looking on the man.

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