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A lone mercenary sat at a table in the corner, briefly eyeing the two Jedi that had entered. His bright blue eyes darted about the room from beneath the locks of his long dark brown hair, sometimes resting on them to watch them. Though they were disguised, he had hunted Jedi before, and could easily sense their signatures that gave way to their identity. "Pheh," he mumbled to himself, deciding that he did not really care. He did not hunt Jedi or Sith for clients any longer. They had brought many troubles in his life, troubles he did not care to deal with any longer. He was one of the most competent mercenaries that had been hired by the Republic during the Clone Wars, and the war had forever let a scarring memory on his life. Jedi that he fought with, made friends with, were suddenly enemies, enemies that he was forced to, paid to, confront and kill. He stood now, a hint of his unknown, high-tech torso armor visible beneath the black coat he wore. He dropped the amount from the tab on the table, and quietly left.

As he left, he bumped into a patron on his way out, who was drunk. "..H..hey thereth betta wath yourrr shtep ya hhear?" replied the drunk.

The man waved his hand. "Take your seat and bother me no further."

"I'll..uh..take my sheet and boffer you no furver..." the drunk said absentmindedly and sat back down, though with difficulty, almost falling over his own chair.

The mercenary was in no way a Force wielder, though in his time in the Clone Wars, the Jedi he served with had taught him how to briefly call upon his own Force sensitivity to aid him at times. Nothing big, after all, while all people were truly Force sensitive, many were on very minute levels that it just wasn't notable. He did not have a "gift," as far as he knew, but according to the Jedi, he was well powerful enough in it that he was able to face them with no difficulty. He remembered joking frequently with them about how unfortunate it would be if he were paid more by the other side. Ironic end, it happened to be.

Finally, the man found his way to the exit of the bar, avoiding the worthless patrons and making his way towards the door. He saw the Jedi standing just outside, and another Bounty Hunter. He could see it in her posture too. Another Jedi, however, much more cleverly done at hiding her appearance. He stayed within the shadow of the door leaned against the wall, listening briefly. He knew they would detect him sooner or later, however, that was the least of his worries.

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