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"Clones obey commands blindly. As long as you don't cause a scene, they will ignore you. Don't know about these new Stormtroopers thought. They might have a different code of conduct" Ferod said and shook his head.
"Be lucky you were ignored. If you were kept around and had fought with the clones, you would now be a corpse ambushed by your own troops. It was pure luck I and my apprentice had just left to investigate some suspicious CIS activity near Mandalore before getting a message to return to Coruscant. We decided to jump out of hyperspace mid-journey and punch in the coordinates for Coruscant. We arrived in time to see the Temple burn and then headed here even before someone changed the return call into a hiding one" Ferod sighed and looked around. He knew the Empire could have spies around, so he spoke with a slightly hushed voice.

"What we heard the clones around the temple say was that someone called Darth Vader was giving them orders. I do not know who this new Darth is, which is one of the many reasons why we are here. The other reasons include rest, anonymity and a man called Gordon that we were supposed to meet, yet I do not know which of the many mercenaries her is he" the man said and leaned back again.

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