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Originally Posted by Commando Tazer
When Fightin The Magna-Guards You Should Get Two Of Your Squad On Anti-Armor Posts And One Sniping Then You Just Run Around Like Made Planting Granades On Them And Blasting Their Flipin Heads Off With AA's And Snipes. The Thing That Really Hacks Me Off Though Is That They Can Fire Electrode Missiles But I Blasted There Metal Balls Off So That Was Easy. I Hope This Helps Anny Of You Guys Stuck With The Magna-Guard Levels On Kashykk, Well Thiis method Worked 4 Me. Oh And On THe Assault Ship Wen Your In The Hangers With the " SBD Dispensers And The BD Dispenser I Tend To Blow Up The BD's Then Hop Into The AT-TE And Blast The Shield Generator. The Damn SBD's Start To Retreat (Scared Hunks Of Scrap Metal) And Then I Just Hop Into The Exhaust By The AT-TE, Hey This Method Worked 4 Me U Should Try It Out. And Oh When I Did The Droid Gunship On Geonosis I Got Into The Room With About 2 minutes until the big KABOOM and i got me on the slicing manouever, but before i did that i blew up the canons and thew EC's at the droid, easy. Tell me If Any Of These Methods Worked 4 U!!!
I tend to just hold them off and have a member slice to get the AT-TE.

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